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Hosted by Australia’s leading financial educator, Tim Guest,

with guest speakers, Cathy Stacey, Tim Moffatt & Nick Hayes.

Raised in a single income family in a poor area, Tim grew up and drew on his family’s financial struggles as his inspiration to build his own financial security and success.

Using reliable, affordable and tested strategies based on the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth, Tim will train you in the strategies used by more people in the AFR Rich List than any other, which he used to become a retired multi-millionaire by the age of 27.

At this fascinating and life-changing workshop, Tim will train you how to implement Australia’s most successful investment strategy and replace your income, pay your mortgage off in half the time and live a happy and satisfied life.

While most clients enjoy the comfort, and ease their partnership with Infinite Wealth and our team of specialists provide, after completing the “Fast Track to Freedom“ signature workshop you will have the skills and knowledge to move forward and create the life you really want on your own and without ever requiring further services from us, if you so desire.

With Special Guest Speaker Cathy Stacey

Co-Director at Property Share Market Economics

Cathy Stacey From Property Share Market Economics Educating On The 18.6 Real Estate / Credit Cycle.

The Western economies exhibit an average 18.6 year real estate/credit cycle. Generally, this averages out as 14 years up and 4 years down.

A study of US history, for example, reveals a very clear (average) 18.6 cycle in US real estate prices, measured from trough to trough or peak to peak. The actual cycle has never been shorter than 17 years, never longer than 21. According to Phil’s research, the Australian, UK and other Western countries economies follow the US at the major market moves although in Australia each state ebbs and flows differently in between.

The good news is that once you understand the real estate cycle, you can forecast it. History, we assure you, does repeat. And if you can forecast correctly, you can make money, protect your capital, make informed business and investment decisions and leave a legacy for your family.

With Special Guest Speaker Tim Moffatt

Managing Director at Oakleigh Financial

Oakleigh Financial provides wealth management, financial advisory, superannuation, holistic asset management, retirement planning, personal insurance & asset protection advice.

The Oakleigh Investment Management arm of Oakleigh Financial launched in May of 2021, proudly offering three fully transparent and managed investment solutions on Macquarie Wrap:

* 18.6 Strategic Investment Portfolio

* Flagship Equities Portfolio

* Multi Asset Growth Portfolio.

The Oakleigh 18.6 Strategic Investment Portfolio is an investment solution tailored to a philosophy driven by the long term cyclical real estate and banking cycle.

The Investment Committee of the Oakleigh 18.6 Strategic Investment Portfolio comprises four members with over 80 years of combined experience in the real estate and securities markets - Tim Moffatt of Oakleigh Financial, David Prescott of Lanyon Asset Management, Phil Anderson and Akhil Patel of Property Share Market Economics.

With Special Guest Speaker Nick Hayes

Executive Client Manager at Infinite Wealth

At Infinite Wealth, our business is people and as every client is unique, it is essential that there is a dedicated contact that is acquainted with your individual circumstances and needs.

As a specialist liaison between you and the Infinite Team of Specialists, the Client Manager’s role is to provide the ease and comfort of dealing with one point of contact while providing access to a wide range of licensed and accredited professionals. This allows for one of the most powerful and long-term business relationships any company and client can have.

Any time that a client requires specific advice, those relevant licensed professionals are always available to provide any support you require.

As you begin to implement your financial strategy, you will be introduced to the various qualified specialists to formulate and fully inform you of every aspect of your strategy.

Plan Your Way to Wealth

Feel Empowered, Take Action , and Set Yourself Up For Life!

If you’re ready to dramatically change the course of your future, then our signature, 1 Day Intensive Workshop, “Fast Track to Freedom” will prove to be the defining moment that sets you on your course to financial security, freedom and peace of mind.

The Change Begins Here

  • Learn how to implement Australia’s most successful investment strategy.

  • Start investing with no more than you currently have now.

  • Identify which investment options are best for you.

  • ​Protect yourself, your family and your wealth.

  • ​Time your investments to maximize your returns.

  • Structure your cash flow and implement an insider’s strategy.

  • Pay your mortgage off in half the time.

  • Reduce your tax to the minimum legally required.

  • ​Use the Chain Reaction to replace your income and live a happy and satisfied life.

What Client’s Say.…

We’ve had the best experience getting our first investment property and we’re continuing on the journey with the Infinite Wealth team!

Amanda C.

We would never have taken action like this without Infinite Wealth. Never knew buying an investment property could be so stress-free and life-changing. Thank you!

Gausden Family

In an industry full of people trying to line their own pockets, I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have met Tim Guest and his team at Infinite Wealth.

Ben M.

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